Fall Semester: Plato’s Symposium

Thursdays, 6:15-9:15 pm EDT, Sept. 12-Dec. 12, 2019
(13 X 3hr Lessons. 39 hrs. of Live Instruction)

For information and inquiries, contact the Instructor:   Mr. Aramis Lopez (aramisllopez@gmail.com)

Erasmus Academy Admissions Office
320 7th Avenue #101
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel. 718-499-0077
Or visit: www.erasmusacademy.com

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This Fall Semester course is designed for graduate, college and other
students or adults desiring to improve their reading and translating skills. The course
assumes 2-3 semesters of college or university instruction in classical Greek. That is,
the course assumes that a student has completed the grammar stage of learning the
language, has a foundation in Attic prose, and is prepared to read un-adapted texts.
This fall semester course would enable a student to progress toward reading more
advanced Greek.

In this course students will read and translate selections from Plato’s Symposium. One
of Plato’s most famous dialogues, the Symposium is set at the home of the tragedian
Agathon, where, in celebration of Agathon’s first victory as a dramatist, several
prominent Athenians come together to feast and make merry. However, because several
of them had drunk too much the evening before, they decide, instead of becoming more
inebriated, that each of them should give a speech in honor of Love (Eros). The dialogue
is therefore a series of speeches on Love. We will read a number of these in Greek,
including the introduction where Socrates makes his way to the party (172a-178a), as

well as the first speech by Phaedrus (178b-180c), the speech of Aristophanes (189e-
194e), Socrates’ report of the teachings of Diotima (201d-212c), and finally the ode to

Socrates by Alcibiades (215b-222c). Some of the speeches not read in Greek will be read
in translation and discussed in class, as there is a clear progression and frequent
borrowing of themes amongst the speeches. We will read approximately three OCT pages
of Greek per class.

Course Structure

As a distance learning course, students may take this class from any location or from
the convenience of their home. They will need to have access to the Internet. The course
meets in “real time” and participants are expected to attend all the scheduled sessions.
Each student participates fully in each class by listening and speaking, translating and
posing questions. Students interact directly with the instructor and the other students,
and can be heard at any time during the class. The selections to be read aloud and
translated are visible at all times to the students on the screen. The 13-week course
meets once a week on Thursdays, 6:15 pm-9:15 pm EDT. The class includes 39 hours
of live instruction. Each 3-hour session includes grammar review where necessary,
strategies for analyzing Greek prose texts, vocabulary & verb study, identifying syntax,
and translating the Greek. Presuming 3 hours of outside preparation for each hour in
class, 12 hours (3 + 9) a week should be available for study.

Performance Evaluation

At the conclusion of the course, the instructor will write an extensive performance
evaluation of each student based on class participation, translating and analyzing skills
in class, and on a final 30-minute oral examination scheduled for each student
separately outside of regular class time. A letter grade will be assigned. This performance
evaluation will be kept on file at the Erasmus Academy and may be forwarded to any
college or academic institution upon request by the student. At the discretion of the
instructor, a student may request to participate in the course as an auditor.

Academic Credit

The Dean of the department or of the academic institution in which a student is enrolled
may decide to grant academic credit for a student completing the requirements for this
course. The Erasmus Academy Registrar’s Office would be happy to supply a typical
Performance Evaluation (its version of a student transcript) upon the request of a
student or of an academic office. A number of graduate institutions in North America
accept a letter grade of a “B” or higher from the Erasmus Academy as satisfying their
language proficiency requirement.

Required Books

Plato: Symposium (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics), by Kenneth Dover.
Cambridge University Press, 1980. ISBN: 978-0521200813

Symposium, by Plato. Translated, with introduction & notes by Alexander Nehamas
and Paul Woodruff. Hackett Publishing Company, 1989. ISBN: 978-0872200777

Background of Instructor

Mr. Aramis Lopez is a PhD candidate in Classics at the Graduate Center of the City
University of New York (CUNY). His extensive teaching includes serving as an instructor
of ancient Greek, from 2012 to the present, in the well-known summer Latin/Greek
Institute at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. From 2014-2019 he has also
been the Chair of the Basic Greek program there. During the Fall and Spring terms from
2010 to 2017 Mr. Lopez has served as an Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter College in New
York, teaching Homer, Greek Tragedy, Classical Mythology, Greek Civilization, and
Greek & Latin Roots of English. From the Fall of 2017 to the Spring of 2019 Mr. Lopez
has taught the following semester courses online through the Erasmus Academy: Plato’s
Apology and Lysias’ “On the Murder of Eratosthenes;” Homer’s Iliad (selections) and
Sophocles’ Ajax; Herodotus, The Histories (selections); and Euripides’ Hecuba….Mr.
Lopez’s other language competency includes Latin, Spanish, Catalan, French, and

Registration, Course Fee and Refund Policy

The fee for Fall semester course on Plato’s Symposium is $1050,
payable in full to the Erasmus Academy no later than August 25, 2019. To reserve a
place in the course, an Enrollment Form and a non-refundable deposit of $75 must be
submitted to the Admissions Office of the Erasmus Academy NY anytime between April
15, 2019 and August 25, 2019. Early application is recommended due to space
availability. The maximum number of students in this online course is 20. There are
also “Early Bird” registration options; if full payment is made by May 30, 2019, the total
fee for the course is $750. If full payment is made by June 30, 2019 the course fee is

$850, and if payment is made by July 30, 2019, the course fee is $950. Thereafter the
normal course fee of $1050 applies. Please see the website below (under the
“Fall Semester” page) for more information and the Enrollment Form.
Students may make payments and register online, at the website below. To complete
the Enrollment Form, please download it, fill out, scan and return it by email

Refund Policy. If, after the first two weeks of classes, a student wishes to discontinue
the Fall Semester course, a letter to this effect must be received by the Erasmus
Academy Office by 4:00pm on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019. Thereupon, a refund of the
course fee paid by the student less $75 will be returned to the student.

Fall Semester: Plato’s Symposium

Application Deadline: Sept. 10, 2019

Course Fee: $1050

You may register and make payments online:
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