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Intermediate Classical Greek Poetry Online:
Homer & Sophocles

  January 25 – April 26, 2018
Thursdays, 6:00-9:00 pm EST

This intermediate classical Greek course is designed for graduate, college and other students or adults desiring to improve their reading and translating skills. The course assumes a full year or 1½ yrs. of college or university instruction in classical Greek. That is, the course assumes that a student has completed the grammar stage of learning the language, has a foundation in Attic prose, and is prepared to read un-adapted texts. This course  would enable a student to progress toward reading more advanced Greek.

This Spring term course aims at equipping a student to become more comfortable with reading Classical Greek poetry, by reading and translating selections from Homer’s Iliad (books 6 and 22) and from Sophocles’ Ajax. Students will have the opportunity of scanning and reading the verses aloud, identifying issues of grammar & syntax, translating, and commenting on literary and rhetorical features present in the text.

Course Structure
As a distance learning course, students may take this class from any location or from the convenience of their home. They will need to have access to the Internet. The course meets in “real time” and participants are expected to attend all the scheduled sessions. Each student participates fully in each class by listening and speaking, translating and posing questions. Students interact directly with the instructor and the other students, and can be heard at any time during the class. The selections to be read aloud and translated are visible at all times to the students on the screen. The 13-week course meets once a week on Thursdays, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm ET. The class includes 39 hours of instruction. Each 3-hour session includes grammar review where necessary, strategies for analyzing Greek sentences, vocabulary & verb study, identifying syntax, and sight-reading. Presuming 3 hours of outside preparation for each hour in class, 12 hours (3 + 9) a week should be available for study.

Performance Evaluation
At the conclusion of the course, the instructor will write an extensive performance evaluation for each student based on  participation, translating and analyzing skills in class, and on a final 30-minute individualized oral examination scheduled outside of regular class time. A letter grade is also assigned. This performance evaluation will be kept on file at the Erasmus Academy and will be forwarded to any college or academic institution upon request by a student. At the discretion of the instructor, a student may request to participate in the course as an auditor.

Required Books
Selections from Homer’s Iliad, edited by Allen Rogers Benner, University of Oklahoma Press, 2001.
ISBN 978-0806133638.
Sophocles: Ajax, edited by W. Stanford. Bristol Classical Press (Reprint edition), 1991.
ISBN 978-0862920098

Background of Instructor

Mr. Aramis Lopez is a PhD candidate in Classics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). His extensive teaching includes serving as an instructor of ancient Greek, from 2012 to the present, in the intensive summer Latin/Greek Institute at the CUNY Graduate Center. From 2014-2017 he has also been the Chair of the Basic Greek program there. During the Fall and Spring terms from 2010 to 2017 Mr. Lopez has served as an Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter College in New York, teaching Homer, Greek & Roman Tragedy, Classical Mythology, Greek Civilization, and Greek & Latin Roots of English. Other language competency includes Spanish, Catalan, French, German and Sanskrit.

Registration, Course Fee and Refund Policy
The fee for spring semester Intermediate Greek Poetry Online is $850, payable in full to the Erasmus Academy no later than January 20, 2018. To complete the Enrollment Form (found online, on the website indicated below), please download it, fill out, scan and return it by email attachment. Early application is recommended due to space availability. The maximum number of students in this online course is 15. There is an “Early Bird” registration option; if full payment is made by January 10, 2018, the fee for the course is $750. There is also scholarship assistance available, to cover a portion of the course tuition. Please see the website below (under the “Intermediate Classical Greek” page for more information and application. Students may make payments and register for this course online.
Refund Policy: If, after the first two weeks of classes, a student wishes to discontinue the Intermediate Greek Poetry course, a letter to this effect must be received by the Erasmus Academy Office by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. Thereupon, a refund of $775 will be returned to the student ($675 for Early Bird registrants).
No refunds will be allowed after February 6, 2018.

           Intermediate Classical Greek Poetry: Homer & Sophocles
Application Deadline: May 15, 2018

Course Fee:  $850

To inquire about the course, please contact:
Erasmus Academy Admissions Office
320 7th Avenue #101
Brooklyn, NY  11215

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