Erasmus Academy Intermediate New Testament Greek

Sept 16 – Dec 16, 2019 (14 weeks) Course Description

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For information and inquiries, contact the Instructor: Joshua Mann

This course is designed for any adult, including undergraduate or graduate students, wishing to move beyond basic Koine Greek grammar (1.e., ‘first year Greek’) to intermediate Greek grammar and exegesis (1.e., ‘second year Greek’). The course assumes a basic grasp of Greek grammar. We will work through passages in Greek of the NT book of Philippians (supplemented along the way with Greek from elsewhere in the NT, LXX, and extra-biblical literature), as well as introduce students to categories of Greek grammar and syntax in Daniel B. Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics. A brief introduction to the manuscript tradition of New Testament text will also be given. The course will help students become competent interpreters of biblical Greek, as well as become familiar with the Greek grammar and syntax of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. Following this course, the student should be in a good position to study other parts of the New Testament, whether through independent study or through enrollment in a New Testament exegesis course.

Course Structure
As a distance learning course, students may take this class from any location or from the convenience of their home. They will need to have access to the Internet. The course meets in “real time” and participants should strive to attend all the scheduled sessions. Classes are typically recorded and thus can be reviewed if needed. Each student participates fully in each class by listening and speaking, translating and posing questions. Assignments are emailed to the Instructor. The 14-week course meets one day per week (Mondays), 6:15 pm-9:15 pm EST; it comprises 42 hours of instruction. Each 3-hour session includes grammar and syntax discussion, strategies for analyzing NT Greek sentences, sight-reading, and quizzes. Presuming 4 hours of outside preparation for each hour in class, 15 hours (3 + 12) a week should be available for study.

Required Textbooks:
1.Daniel B. Wallace, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics (2nd. Ed) 1997. (ISBN 978-0310218951).
2.Nestle-Aiand 28th Edition of the Greek New Testament (printed with or without dictionary though you may desire the dictionary). (ISBN 978-3438051608 [w. dictionary])

Background of Instructor
Dr. Joshua Mann received his BA 1n biblical studies from Calvary University in Kansas City, an MA in biblical languages from Midwestern Baptist Theoi. Seminary and a PhD in New Testament in 2017 from the University of Edinburgh (UK). For three years he served as a research fellow at the CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology at Durham University Durham (UK). He has taught courses in biblical studies and theology at each of these institutions. He also serves as the President of Expositus, Inc., an academic nonprofit working at the intersection of theology and technology.

Registration & Course Fee
The fee for Intermediate NT Greek Online is $750. To reserve a place in the course, a non-refundable deposit of $75 must be paid via the Erasmus Academy website Online Store and an Enrollment Form must be submitted by August 15, 2019.

To download the Enrollment Form, click on the “Courses” page of the Erasmus Academy website. Scroll down to “Intermediate NT Greek Course.” The course description, the syllabus, and the Enrollment Form will then be accessible. Download the Enrollment Form, fill it out, scan it and return it as an email attachment to the Erasmus Academy email address indicated below. Early application is recommended due to space availability. The maximum number of students in this online course is 20.

Refund Policy
If, after the first four weeks of live instruction, a student wishes to discontinue the German course, a letter to this effect must be received by the Erasmus Academy Registrar’s Office by 4:00 pm, Sept. 29, 2019. The withdrawal deadline for the Spring Semester is January 27, 2020. Thereupon a refund of the course fee paid either for the semester or two-semester course, less $75, will be returned to the student.

For Students at Colleges or Graduate Schools with a Fall Semester Beginning in September
For these students, the payment of the non-refundable deposit and balance must be made by September 9, 2019, five days before the first live lesson on Sept. 14, 2019. These students must also submit their Enrollment Forms by this date.

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Registration Deadline: August 15, 2019

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