May 18 – July 9, 2020
Prepare for the Language Proficiency Exams
Emphasis on Reading and Translating German
For all Graduate Students in the Arts & Sciences, or for any motivated college or
high school student or other adult desiring to read in the language. 
Online course in “real time.” Students log on at specific times and interact directly with the Instructor. Take from any location or from home. One year of college German in 8 weeks.
Access to the Internet required. 
Intensive Course; No previous language knowledge required. 
Time commitment: 40 hrs/week, presuming 4-5 hrs of outside prep for every hour
in class.  Objective: To read modern scholarly articles in German, and
selections from Th. Mann, Kafka, Hesse, Martin Buber, Schopenhauer, Carl Jung, etc. 
Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays, 6:00 pm –9:30 pm EST
8 Weeks: May 18 – July 9, 2020
56 hours of instruction approximate 5 semester hours. Modern methods. 
Strategies for analyzing German sentences. mp3 files.
High success rate. Instructor’s Background: 6 years of graduate work at a 
German university; 10 years of teaching the intensive German course to 
graduate students in NYC , and  9 yrs. online. 
Limited Space Available. Admission on first-come, first-serve basis.
Early Bird Registration Option: Fee is $850 if paid in full by Feb 15, 2020.
Course Fee: $1050
Application Deadline: May 1, 2020
 Erasmus Academy Admissions Office
320 7th Avenue #101
Brooklyn, NY  11215
 Call (718) 499-0077, Email: erasmusacademyslp@gmail.com

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